Today’s enterprise demands immediate access to intelligence to meet time to market needs. Organizations must have the ability to be agile and leverage their data intelligently. We answer this challenge by providing a collection of turn-key dashboards and deep analytics built from our customers’ experiences. Our sole objective is to provide you with answers to your critical business questions effortlessly and in matter of hours.

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How does it work?

Zengears transforms the tsunami of data to user-friendly dashboards for smart decisions

  • “Our new service goes live this week and we expect a lot of users online. We need to decide how many agents we need to handle this surge quickly…”

    Empowering all areas of your organization with knowledge and information is crucial. Zengears helps you achieve the level of transparency and knowledge you need through a collection of actionable dashboards, reports, and analytics available to you in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. Zengears transforms your data into fluid information you can access immediately and act upon.

  • “ My manager and peers need this pipeline information with different levels of detail.”

    Zengears enables all levels of your organization with key information tailored to different roles in your company. Your company is able to share critical knowledge and collaborate with smart dashboards calibrated at the right level of detail. This allows your organization to rapidly identify issues that impact your business.

  • “We can’t wait. We need to make decisions now.”

    Our offering is completely automated and always available at your fingertips. We designed a cloud-based low-cost offering that is available wherever and whenever you need it. You are enabling your business units to be operations-aware and mobile-capable, thus reducing decision-making time simply by taking advantage of Zengears’ automated, turn-key enterprise smart analytics cloud solution.


  • “ We also need a lot of numbers but a simple way to show it.”

    Envision an entire collection of dashboards, reports, key performance indicators, and other calculations built from real-life scenarios combined with the experiences and knowhow of our experts and customers. Access to this knowledge provides a new level of transparency, collaboration, and decision-making within your organization. This entire collection of top-class analytics is available to you on day one.

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